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Disease Management & Medication Coaching

Disease management is an approach to patient care that seeks to limit preventable negative outcomes by maximizing adherence to prescribed medical treatments and helping to promote behaviors that lead to the healthy outcome that you and your doctor desire. After the busy movement from the hospital, doctors office and then the pharmacy, coping with a newly diagnosed health condition can be frustrating and confusing. As the trained medication management specialist, the pharmacist can play a role in helping you manage this transition in a way that can improve your quality of life under these new life conditions. At Quality of Life Pharmacy, we specialize in helping our community navigate these health conditions at Health Fairs, Church Health Ministries, and one on one or group consultations on a multitude of health conditions such as, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Weight Loss, ADHD, women and men's health to name a few.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 301-324-3715
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"Where Science and Caring Become One"

Functional Wellness Consultation with Pharmacist

In-Depth Disease management consultation with one of our skilled pharmacists! Bring all

your medications and supplements.

Book now: $200 for 2 hours

Ask A Pharmacist!

Do you need more info to understand your disease state or have an educated conversation with your doctor? Schedule some one-on-one time with our pharmacists to help guide you on your path to better health!

Book now: $75.00 1 hour

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